Amalgam Two Gallon Mail-Back System


Two gallon amalgam container system.
Amalgam container size: 12″ x 10.5″
All prices include amalgam disposal and shipping both ways in the continental US.
*Please see important amalgam information in product description below.

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Acceptable Material List:
1. Dental amalgam.
2. Materials containing dental amalgams.
3. Elemental mercury.
4. Amalgam separator traps.
5. Teeth – if sterilized.
6. Amalgam capsules.

Non-Acceptable Material List:
1.Cyanides or cyanide-containing materials.
2. Reactives.
3. Flammables or combustibles.
4. Organic mercury components.
5. Mercury-contaminated soils.
6. Activated carbon containing mercury.
7. No medical waste or sharps.

Important notes:
1. It is the responsibility of the person offering items for use in this kit to ensure that these items match the acceptable materials listed above to meet appropriate shipping regulations.
2. Unacceptable materials may be returned to generator.
3. Certificate of recycling will be furnished upon request.
4. Medasend Biomedical, Inc. may impose a minimum $200.00 fee per kit if the kit is improperly packaged or leaking.


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