X-Ray Fixer Developer 5 Gallon Chemical Waste Disposal – ChemPro


ChemPro safely converts hazardous photo processing chemicals, including Fixer and Developer or Stabilizer and Activator, into non-hazardous solid waste. Hazardous processing materials never leave your office!


  • Reduce your hazardous waste disposal costs by at least 70% with an in-office solution, effectively replacing waste pick-up services
  • Convenient: fill the container over time and dispose of the solidified contents when full
  • Cut costs: Using ChemPro, there’s no need to maintain manifests; your supply invoice is all you need to maintain compliance



Simply pour equal amounts of fixer and developer into the ChemPro container. Because the patented polymer is highly absorbent, the container may be filled a little at a time over many months. This means it is not necessary to stage or store chemicals separately. Once full, tighten the lid and place in your regular trash. Equal parts of fixer and developer are needed to create a neutral pH; a neutral pH is required for proper treatment and solidification to occur.


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